Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas Carol (Behind the Scenes)

What more can a film maker want than, like minded friends, decent equipment, pizza, sugar, willing parents, and a good script and story.
I am very blessed to have several good friends in my church who like to do movies.  My friend Ethan, (an aspiring director who calls himself, Christopher Nolan) wrote a script (In two days) for the Christmas Carol.  We used his house and we all contributed to costumes and makeup and we all tried to act.
Though each of us had to be multiple characters, the movie flowed well.
We filmed for about six hours to get 22 minutes of film.  The rest of the time was spent, eating, dressing, and messing up.

Here's some pics of us filming:
Lisa as the ghost of Christmas Past.

Ethan (Christopher Nolan) Directing a shot

Nathan: As Fred

Lisa and Ben(Scrooge)


Ben and Nathan

John as Jacob Marley.  Who invented these goofy costumes anyway?

Reviewing the shot.

Smile everyone, you too Nathan!

My Precious!

"Nice Ascot"

Deer in the Headlights, "Nice Ascot"

Coolest dude on set.

Cool dudes 1 and 2.

More Pictures on the way. 


  1. Mr. DiCaprio, congratulations on finally getting these pictures from Caleb. However, in picture No. 2, don't I look kind of insane?

  2. I invented the goofy costumes, buddy! By the way, could you (or Caleb, or Lisa) send me a few of the pictures?